Saga of the Old Gods

After experiencing a prophecy dream about war and destruction, Brie seeks out the truth behind them only to find out that there are far more details about her existence and who she truly is than she could have ever imagined.

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Re-Construction and Re-Release

Posted: 6 months ago by KJ Sylva

2020 has been a rollercoaster for everyone.

I was hoping it would be my best year for getting a lot of work done, but it was the complete opposite. With COVID, the possible downfall of humanity, and work stress I've had a hard time focusing on Saga Of The Old Gods. I didn’t get to self-isolate due to COVID, as I work in healthcare, I was forced to work extra hard than usual at my job through the whole pandemic. It has been mentally drilling and I have reached a new peak for my anxiety I didn’t even know I had.

But I am ready now! And not just ready to continue with what I have already accomplished but ready to RE-CREATE and RE-RELEASE the first four chapters. I have learned a lot over the past few years, and I am so excited to put more effort into my story and art. I want it to the best that I can do, or at least for the time being. I am learning every day and I will continue to practice, learn and create new things.

So I will officially be putting this website on hold – and erasing what is on here for the time being. But this is not the end of Saga Of the Old Gods. I am just ready to bring it to a whole new level!

Thank you to those who have read my comic and continue to show me support.

I am excited for what’s to come, and I hope you are too.

Issue One Updated!

Posted: about 1 year ago by KJ Sylva

Good day!

It has been almost one year since I first launched this site for my comic book series. It has been a very crazy year. Last year I was working two jobs. I am not longer doing so, but I have been invested in going back to school. The re-work of Issue 1 has been a slower process than I intended because of that. However, I have finally finished and I am very proud of the end result. I intend to update Issue 2 completely as well. And update a few pages/panels of Issue 3. However, I want to get started on Issue 5 so we can move forward with the story, so in that process, I will work slowly on the update of issue 2 so I don't have to fall any further behind. Thank you all for reading my story and staying with me as I do my re-works! I promise to have NEW content soon. I think that reading the new issue 1 however will feel like a completely new comic book. Enjoy :)

Reworking Chapter 1!

Posted: over 1 year ago by KJ Sylva

I have been working on re-working chapter 1 and it's going really great! I am incredibly proud of my process in comparison to how it was a little over a year ago, not just in the art itself, but also in my sequential story telling, page set up, and panelling. I am so excited for how it is going, and excited to be able to show the complete product! Here is a few updates images of the significant differences.

Enjoy :)

So far the newer images are only lined, but the set up and style is already significantly better.

Top image: New Page
Bottom Image: Old Page

Chapter Four is finally here!!

Posted: over 1 year ago by KJ Sylva

It's here! Finally! So much work, but so worth it. I feel like I really reached a new level of not only the story, but of my art. Click the link for more recent issue, or head over to the Chapters tab to read Chapter four, "The Rescue" now!

This chapter explores a story behind that of the main character Brie that we have seen in the first three chapters. We go back to the beginning, when Brie and her friend Kay get into a fight in Chapter 1, and begin to find out what happens to Kay shortly after. This chapter really introduced a new style of art for me; portrating fighting sequences was a challenge for sure.

It also introduced a little more mythological back story, including a little sneak peak of Brie prior to her new self.

You can also check out the little reference of the story of the Norse god, son of Odin and Frigg, Balder, and his death. He was killed by the the blind God Hod, whom was tricked by the God of Mischeif, Loki, into shooting an arrow from a mistletoe branch at Balder, unknowing to Hod, that mistletoe was the only thing that could actually harm Odin and Frigg's son. It is said that the death of Balder (also spelled Baldur, Baldr) that sets forth the events of the Ragnarok.

Chapter 4 update!

Posted: over 1 year ago by KJ Sylva

Chapter 4 is coming soon! I definitely wanted it released about a week ago but unfortunately I've been fighting a fun cold... (yuck.)

I have been having a lot of fun creating a bunch of speed videos of my process! Check out my Instagram for live updates of my comic process. I am also hoping soon to start a patron so that I can share exclusive details about my process!

Enjoy the official cover for 4!

Expected release date: 12/13! Thanks for the patience while I explore so many more new things during this chapter! It's been a journey of exciting experiences and new skills, and I am so excited to publish it!