After experiencing dreams about war and destruction, Brie seeks out the truth behind them only to find out that there are far more details about her existence and who she truly is than she could have ever imagined.

Inspired by the rich history and stories of mythological gods and heroes in ancient Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc, cultures, the story follows the main character Brie as she figures out who she is and why she's connected to a painful prophecy about war and destruction. Brie is introduced to many different gods and heroes, whilst also learning about herself, her powers, and her historical influences.


My name is KJ Sylva, I am an illustrator and amateur comic book writer and artist.

I was a teenager when I realized my passion for art. I went to a local community college for Commercial Art and Illustration, graduating in December of 2013. My last semester I took a comics and sequential art class and found that creating comics was an even deeper passion of mine. But getting to the point where I was ready to actually explore creating comics took me longer than I anticipated. However, I am more than ready now.

I have always considered myself a story teller, whether I am just trying to tell a local story to a friend, or day dreaming fantasy stories in my head. I have never been a formal writer, so creating my stories through art became the best way for my to express my concepts and ideas! I absolutely plan to make a career out of being a comic book artist!

I fell in love with concept art and fanart browsing on Deviantart, and looking at outstanding original pieces of digital art work created and being awed and inspired by the fantastic detail and passion put into some digital art. As much as I love recreating characters that exist in my favorite comics, or video games, it is also my goal to be able to create many original characters and to recreate or manipulate landscapes. I know that from here on out, I will constantly be learning. I don't think anyone is ever done learning how to create art. It is a life long journey and I am ready to follow through with that.