Saga of the Old Gods

After experiencing a prophecy dream about war and destruction, Brie seeks out the truth behind them only to find out that there are far more details about her existence and who she truly is than she could have ever imagined.

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Saga of the Old Gods

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#ONE Brie's Dream

#ONE Brie's Dream

Published: 3 months ago

After waking up from a weird dream that spoke about prophecy, war, and destruction, Brie immediately seeks out what the dream meant from her psychologist, Dr. Astrid. However, Dr. Astrid tells her that the dream was only a consequence of her excessive alcoholism and that the only answer is to stop drinking. Not satisfied with what she was told, and obsessing over the meaning, Brie decides she will find the answer on her own.

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Issue One Updated!

Posted: 3 months ago by KJ Sylva

Good day!

It has been almost one year since I first launched this site for my comic book series. It has been a very crazy year. Last year I was working two jobs. I am not longer doing so, but I have been invested in going back to school. The re-work of Issue 1 has been a slower process than I intended because of that. However, I have finally finished and I am very proud of the end result. I intend to update Issue 2 completely as well. And update a few pages/panels of Issue 3. However, I want to get started on Issue 5 so we can move forward with the story, so in that process, I will work slowly on the update of issue 2 so I don't have to fall any further behind. Thank you all for reading my story and staying with me as I do my re-works! I promise to have NEW content soon. I think that reading the new issue 1 however will feel like a completely new comic book. Enjoy :)